Salon 730

Color Families


Davines innovative coloring system. Introducing technology new to the world of hair color that allows superior, uniform color penetration in to the hair’s structure, offers extra shine, high conditioning effect and outstanding duration of the color.


A New Color is a permanent hair color that delivers truly extraordinary results without using ammonia. The gentle formulas in the ammonia-free line leave hair soft and conditioned, while the new pigments pack a punch and delivery vibrant, long-lasting color.


A demi-permanent coloring system. View fades naturally and beautifully over 6-8 weeks/15-20 shampoos, depending on the condition of the hair



Thanks to its advanced formulation, exceptional results, and ability to fully respect the hair structure and scalp, the Century of Light bleaching system sets a new standard for premium lightening services. The Century of Lights is a premium lightening system, enriched with Davines’ very own Hair Protective Booster, perfect for partial or total service.

Each product contains Davines Hair Protective Booster, which not only reinforces the hair fiber, but also protects it from any oxidative damage. And, as you’d expect from Davines, all products are presented in recycled PET jars.


Finest Pigments is a gentle semi-permanent color system, without ammonia, that last up to 12 shampoos.

Formulated with plant and flower essences, this glossing system creates beautiful shiny hair with the feel of an aromatherapy treatment

Alchemic System

A system combining pure pigments with shampoos and conditioners to illuminate and accentuate natural and cosmetically colored hair. Pigments deposit on the hair shaft, maintaining the intensity of the reflect between color services while providing internal strength, protection and shine

Davines Alchemic range has been developed to both intensify and illuminate the colors of your hair. The renewed range has six categories, and akin to the brand’s ethos features highly sustainable formulas and sustainable packaging. A whopping 97% of ingredients in the shampoos are biodegradable, 88% are naturally-derived, and plus, they’re silicone, paraben, and sulphate free! They’re the very definition of feel-good products and we love them all. With six color options, you’re bound to find a winner!

Pulp Riot

Pulp Riot is a color company created by a group of extremely talented hairdressers in California back in 2016. They started off with a semi-permanent color range with 16 shades that propelled the brand into a must have product around the world for hairdressers.

Semi-permanent Colors
43 vibrant and pastel colors

8 High Speed Toners
Superior pigments create beautiful tines in 5 mins or less, and reach deeper depths of tone up to 20 mins.

Vegan & Gluten Free
No Animal Testing
Free of Ammonia, Parabens, PPD and MEA